Wells Boiler Works

Your Boiler and Water Heating Experts!

Wells Boiler Works has been serving Central Indiana for over 100 years with their knowledge in process steam, hydronic comfort heating, and domestic hot water generation. Over that time they have built a legacy of innovation and commitment to doing the job right that has served their customers well. 

As they look into their second century of service they are excited to announce that they are bringing that same commitment to the discipline of equipment sales. WBW's experience has taught them that to have a successful project you not only need the right equipment, but you need that equipment to be applied correctly. The knowledge of mechanical systems they have acquired over the last 3 generations help them advise their customers and the engineering community not only is the best equipment to use, but also the best ways to use it. 

That is what sets WBW apart in the industry - an eye on innovation and the experience to make it work. If you are contemplating building, upgrading, or maintaining your building's mechanical systems Wells Boiler Works would consider it an honor to serve you!