Wells Boiler Works

Comfort Heat Systems

Performance, Reliability, and Efficiency are the factors that are important in your hydronic comfort heating system. However, is it possible to achieve all of these and still make it affordable? Absolutely! The key is knowing what equipment you actually need and where to apply it. With our decades of experience we can assist you in choosing the right equipment that will perform efficiently for years in your environment. Plus, because we take the time to get to know your system you can rest assured that you won't "overbuy" because someone tried to sell you equipment not suited for your needs.

BIM that makes sense and saves dollars!

You wouldn't think of leaving on a long trip without consulting a map or setting up your GPS. However, everyday people set off down the path of spending hundreds of thousands of dollars remaking their boiler plants without really knowing what their heating loads or plant efficincies actually are! At WBW we put together an energy modeling plan that becomes the GPS of your energy usage. We can show you where the problems are in your plant and where the best return on your investment actually is. Armed with this information you can rest assured that your system is working as efficiently as possible while you surgically decide the next move to make and predict the ROI of that decision.